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With electricity usage, the real power is in the data

Commercial building owners and facilities managers often assume that installing a PV solar system is the end game for reducing electricity costs.

Often, it’s only the beginning. A well-designed solar system will provide a solid basis for further improvements and savings.

Once the site and systems have been optimised, the business is better able to monitor, measure and evaluate its energy performance and progress, based on specialised data monitoring and analysis tools tailored to site-specific needs.

Confident that your power systems are running optimally, you are free to focus on fine-tuning your energy consumption and management.
Smart systems enable ongoing analysis and smart decisions. Any further opportunities for improvement that emerge can now also be prioritised and sequenced to continue maximising your return on investment.

Most often, it’s at this stage that solutions such as battery storage may become a real consideration for commercial energy users.

Choices made at this stage will also depend partly on what is most important to you and your business. For each business, the relative weight given to different factors may vary.

For some, cost reduction and certainty in budgeting energy costs may be the main goal; for others, environmental performance, whether for compliance or reputational reasons, may be even more important.

Whatever your particular priorities, sound data will stand you in good stead.

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