What we do

We help high energy-use businesses reduce costs and improve environmental sustainability.


Baseline data

Analyse all relevant power data

Energy profile

Understand usage, needs and wastage

We’ll independently review and analyse your business electricity consumption data and needs to identify excess costs, inappropriate charges and potential savings.

Usage patterns, interval data, site load, power factor, supply voltage, and any unique equipment or site requirements are analysed to clearly reveal your current position.

Energy strategy

Rapid ROI

Fast-track to electricity sustainability in your business

Efficiency boost

Optimise premises and equipment to save even more

We’ll create a staged plan to prioritise the improvements that will deliver the fastest savings and deliver affordable and sustainable energy to your business.

We’ll also explore your options for energy efficiency improvements in equipment and operations to further boost your bottom line.

Solar power systems

Premium solar

Industry-leading technology and warranties

Complete solution

One trusted supplier, many cost-saving solutions

We’ll take care of every aspect of your solar system, from design and approval to installation, commissioning and accessing rebates.

Using only premium equipment covered by industry-leading warranties, our highly experienced design, installation and project-management team ensures that your path to energy bill freedom is smooth and easy.

Supply and metering

Unshackled energy costs

Dump those rigid tariffs and excessive charges

Confident cost control

More predictable costs through better control

Break free from rigid tariffs and uncontrollable price increases. Stop pouring money down the drain because of inappropriate metering arrangements.

Additional savings can often further increase the ROI on a solar system by making a few simple improvements to power supply infrastructure, to better serve the business’s needs.

We’ll lock in these savings wherever possible to make your cost management more predictable.

Finance solutions

Save now, pay later

Our finance options make solar more affordable than you think.

Invest to build value

Controllable energy costs add to profit and enhance business valuable.

The cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has decreased significantly in recent years, making this the perfect time for many businesses to invest in solar.

As businesses look to control costs in the uncertain post-pandemic economy, there’s now an opportunity to boost business profitability and value by locking in savings for years ahead.

Capital costs of solar can be financed through a range of options including commercial leasing, equipment finance, or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Instant asset write-off provisions are also applicable to many investments in improving business energy efficiency.


Advanced analytics

Data insights to track and enhance solar-system efficiency

Measurable impact

Data confirming your solar system’s performance will guide your future decisions to improve your business and the planet.

Energy sustainability requires ongoing data monitoring and reporting. We’re committed to ensuring that your investment in solar pays off.

Efficient solar power generation and/or storage is your passport to long-term energy sustainability for your business.

Our sophisticated analytics software provides full transparency on system performance, and supports decision-making for any future enhancements.

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